The Toppers Advantages

Why Choose Toppers?

Our student support system is built on the following pillars of operations that aim to make this experience a holistic and enjoyable one for the student and a stress-free one for the parent.

24x7 Support System

A support system like no other. Day or Night, we're here to help.

Skilled Lecturers

Cohort of hand-picked teachers to help students gain more.

Access to Resources

A comprehensive library & online resources for all.

24x7 Support : We take pride in understanding our students better than any other institute in the country and as such we’re fully aware that students study time isn’t restricted to an ordinary 9 AM - 5 PM working time that offices operate by. Hence, we keep all contact lines open and available for students to get in touch with us at any point in the day or at night and our staff and teachers are together equipped to ensure that no matter what subject or what time of the day, the students learning journey is always supported.

Trained and Qualified Specialist Teachers : Our cohort of teachers have a breadth of experience across different systems of schooling and a depth of experience within their individual subjects of expertise. They’ve been individually hand-picked based on their merits and capabilities and like the students, they are also on continuous programs and pathways to develop their skillset further.

Access to Resources : Our students have access to all printed and online learning materials including a range of text books, practice questions, past exam papers and other theoretical explanations of concepts which they will be free to take back and study at the convenience of their home


International Curricula




Successful Years



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