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Lavanya Sharma

Class of 2020
Toppers has always been second home and still is. It has helped me nurture myself in every way. Every teacher at Toppers that has taught me has been very special and important to me. They have taught us like their own kids, making us feel free to come to them for anything. Toppers Education is by far the best one that I have ever had. All the science and maths concept that I know in my life is because of Toppers. The score that I have achieved in the end is because of them. All thanks to the teachers who have always been dedicated to make us do better and better by giving us uncountable number of worksheets, notes, and practice questions. Clearing every small doubt that we had. The memories that I have made at Toppers from the Scolding to laughing at the smallest of things, to crying because of the exam stress is precious and unforgettable. Toppers is irreplaceable for me and will never be nothing less than a home.

Madhupreetha Venkat

Class of 2020
Toppers has helped me so much in making myself more independent and self-reliant. More than academics, I have had many memorable instances at Toppers. Toppers is one Education Centre I definitely will encourage my friends and juniors to enrol to excel in academics and their future. I am grateful to Toppers. Thank you Toppers and all the wonderful teachers here.

Sushmita R

Class of 2022
I am really thankful to Toppers for helping me so much over the past 3 years. When I just stepped in, I was very nervous, always scared about how my boards would go. But with constant support from teachers. I noticed a transformation in myself. Over the years I had changed into a more confident individual, and I no longer doubted myself. The study material and intense revision sessions at toppers helped me excel in both 10th and 12th boards. I truly enjoyed my classes here and the kind and encouraging words from the teachers has played a major part in my life. I feel very proud to see my picture on the board today, amongst all the other toppers, and I will be forever indebted to toppers for that.

Sudharshann Devanathan

The best CBSE education center in Singapore. You will not find a better CBSE maths teacher anywhere else.

Karnika Mahendiran

Honestly, if it weren't for Toppers, i would not have been this consistent and organized. Toppers made me a more holistic person by making me determined and hardworking. I thank toppers with all my heart for all the help.


Toppers is the best place to study. It is like a home away from home. The entire atmosphere is completely professional and is the best place for a 12th grader could ask for.

Anushka Prakash

Class of 2019
I studied at Toppers for IGCSE and IB, and honestly, I have such good memories here! Took so many good lessons and experiences with the teachers as well! Honestly some of the finest classes I have had, and it made my time with my studies that much more memorable. Would definitely recommend.

Niranjana S Pillai

All the teachers in Toppers are understanding and helpful. Moreover they are the best friends of the students. It helped me upgrade the marks and hence more confidence in academics

Esha Agnihotri

Class of 2019
I do miss walking by the corridors, sitting with friends and attending lectures! Best 4 years of my life was at Toppers! To all the students getting shaped here, be grateful & blessed!! Rest assured; you are in good hands!! Always grateful & thankful for the patience shown by the teachers! All the Best.

Ananyapriya PV

Class of 2023
I started studying at Toppers from 2020 and since then, I have learned a lot of valuable things. I really enjoyed all the classes at toppers as they were interesting and informative. I appreciate the efforts of all the teachers who have been with me throughout my journey Toppers, and I will cherish all the memories that I have made in the 3 years I studied here. Studying here shaped me up to be the person that I am today, and I am thankful for it.

Evangelin Deshika

Class of 2020
Toppers is the very reason I am where I am in my life today. I thank every single teacher for pushing me to be the best I could be and always supporting me and providing me with a safe space to study. The environment was genuinely one of the best. I never felt shy to ask doubts or approach any teacher for educational advice. I remember being extremely anxious about the future in terms of college decisions. But the advice that the teachers gave me helped and gave me the confidence to focus on what was important and achieve my goals. Toppers was more than a tuition centre to me. It was like a second home, and for that I'm extremely grateful.


Class of 2017
This place is many things, it was a Tuition centre, a place to meet friends and a home. Toppers was one of the best things about my education and that includes my time at university. The teachers over here will believe that you have what it takes, even when you don't have that faith in yourself. The times over here we're unforgettable. From being a student who got scolded for getting the lowest in school when I first joined toppers, to getting into NUS Computer engineering, I don't think I could have become the man I am today without the support from Physics, Chemistry and Maths Teachers and of course, Pradeep Sir. Pradeep sir was the one who always knew I could do it and even 5 years after graduating GIIS and coming here to ask him for advice, he still believes I can become someone amazing. I owe my entire future to him because without his guidance, I don't know there I would be.

Navya Muthukrishnan

Class of 2021
Toppers from a tuition centre became our favourite hangout place. I don't ever think I paid attention in school because I was like, Toppers is there! Thank you so much to all the teachers for making me love studying. It was a place where I made our best memories, whether sneaking food into the class, hiding our phone in the bag, copying answers from the back and getting caught for taking a long break. I never felt more proud being called a monkey. Thank you for encouraging us and addressing our doubts with the same zest even if we ask it for the 100th time. I miss Toppers and the McDonald's downstairs.


Class of 2021
Toppers has definitely played an important role in my academic life. The environment that they created has helped us to be more focused and confident about our subjects. They made me realise that with continuous practice and hard work, I'll be able to reach my full potential. Thank you Toppers for encouraging me throughout this journey. Lots of love and I will miss you.

Diya Manoj

Class of 2021
Toppers gave me the confidence and motivation to put in my best foot forward. It gave me the push I needed to bring out the best in me. The best teachers I've had ever. They made the class interesting and made the process of learning so much fun. Toppers classwork is the only reason I got good marks in my exams and I'm extremely grateful for the wonderful learning experience. Best 4 years and toppers would always be Home. All the teachers were so patient with me and pushed me hard to stop being lazy, I will always be thankful, wishing more success to Toppers.


Class of 2017
Toppers has always given me the support and care I need to excel & push boundaries in my education. I was fortunate to find teachers that cared for students on an individual basis here and learn challenging concepts swiftly through personal consultations which were the most useful in my times here. I wish Toppers Education a great success in their work and highly recommended to those who are looking for that extra support to succeed academically.

Anuhya Yelisetti

The teachers here are dedicated and help us with our studies every step of the way. They take the extra mile to ensure that we understand all the concepts.

Nikhunj Ajay Nambiar

Class of 2020
I studied at Toppers from Grade 9 all the way up until I finished my IB diploma in 2024. When I joined, I was struggling with keeping up with my schoolwork. The Maths teacher helped me up from barely passing maths to scoring A* in Maths for my IGCSE board examinations. This not only gave me confidence in maths, but it also gave me more confidence in my capabilities, and it helped me to learn so much better. For starters, I was understanding maths and not just blindly applying formula and equations. This greatly increased my appreciation of the subject. I am immensely grateful to Pradeep sir and all the other teachers for helping me.

Aarushi Mundra

Class of 2021
Toppers has been my second home for 3 years. I am going to miss everything, be it doing last minute homework (from the answer key of course), sneaking food into classes, MCD runs and teachers calling us monkeys (my favourite memory). All teachers, those who taught me as well as those who didn't, were always welcoming and a very crucial part of my journey. More than my parents, Toppers has been proud of my academic achievements, and I am so grateful for that encouragement I've got from all teachers. It's because of them I got admission into my dream university and now that I am in university, I just wish I could come back to toppers and be a student again.

Shah Devansh Apoorva

Class of 2021
I went to Toppers for 4 years.. The teachers here are very helpful and they explain all the concepts in detail. They have a great deal of experience and are able to clarify all doubts the students have. They give sufficient practice and revision for all exams, especially board exams. I'd recommend it to any CBSE student looking for tuition in Singapore.


Toppers education centre has tremendously helped me to overcome all the difficulties that I have encountered in my subjects. A way to be a topper is definetly with TOPPERS !!

Shreya Ranjan

Class of 2021
I studied at Toppers for 2 years and I must say that it has helped me tremendously. Even though I was struggling with some of my subjects and didn't have the confidence that I could score well, the teachers here always had faith in me. They always told me it's possible and sat down with me to explain the concepts thoroughly. I would recommend Toppers to anyone who needs additional support in their studies. The teachers here are dedicated and help not only in your studies, but also help shape Your personality and confidence as a whole.

Durva Rane

Class of 2021
Toppers has been one of the most crucial part of my life. I have learned a lot here and it has helped me in my studies. It made me hard working and made me ready for boards and at other exams. Thank you, Toppers, for guiding me during my 12th examination. I'll miss Toppers a lot. Thank you. 😍.


Class of 2019
Toppers is what we call as "Home". Toppers has always given support and the care I need. I am so happy that I was a part of this family. The teachers are so friendly and supportive. I am so glad that I could make a lot of memories at this place. The pressure to complete the toppers classwork at school was the best. Toppers is the only reason I got marks in school. I wish Pradeep Sir and the whole group of teachers a great success and hope they have a happy and great life ahead. I really wish they opened a branch near all the existing stations in Singapore so I can just walk towards my MRT station and reach Toppers.

Thridhaman Gollapudi

Class of 2021
Toppers has helped me to think outside the box and help me mature into the best version of myself. It was like a second home to me where I could concentrate on my studies (though occasionally with a snack break), and with the guidance of the sirs here I was able to achieve desirable results. Words cannot describe how thankful I really am to all the sirs who have supported me throughout the years (though with an occasional pinch).

Sathvik Raghavendra Basri

Class of 2020
Toppers has been very helpful in allowing me to better my understanding of concepts taught in school. The teachers are helpful and do not hesitate to answer any doubts I ask them. I am very grateful to toppers.

Soumya Jha

Class of 2020
Toppers for me is not just an institution but an emotion for me. I could get through 3 years of my most important academic years because of Toppers. There was no question that could ever be unanswered. Toppers have the most heartwarming and dedicated teachers who teach like you are their own. They will keep you grounded, but also encourage and appreciate you. I have made so many memories worth remembering for the rest of my life. All the teachers at Toppers have been such an integral part of my life when it came to studies. I was always an average student, but Toppers shaped me to be confident enough to achieve whatever goals I had in mind. Toppers holds a very special place in my heart, and it will always be a place I can call home. A big thank you for making my 3 years so memorable.

Vedang Dubey

Class of 2021
From walking into toppers in 2018 into IGCSE to walking out one final time in 2021, completing IB, this place has always been helpful. Be it in studies or providing me with support. I still remember the teachers at Toppers pushing me to give my best efforts for every exam, striving to achieve that extra mark. I have managed to carry the same spirit to university now, and their motivation still seems to bring out the best in me. Thank you so much for the support this place has given me.

Lekshmi Madhukumar

Toppers has not only helped me understand my lessons better, but it has also provided me with a study environment during exam time. Without toppers my concepts would not have become clear.

Rituparna Mishra

Class of 2023
I have been in toppers for the last 8 years and all the teachers have helped me improve tremendously. I am grateful for all the support and guidance they have provided to me through IGCSE and IB. I was struggling to keep up in Physics and Chemistry in schools, however the physics and chemistry teachers here helped me and guided me and ensured that I was able to score well in my exams. In IGCSE and IB Maths teachers had been very helpful and supportive, and I was able to improve in maths and finish my IA successfully as well. Studying at Toppers has always been very fun and engaging and I am thankful for all the guidance I received. I am also very grateful to Pradeep sir who always ensured that I was doing well and studying well. I am extremely thankful to all the teachers who helped me both academically and personally and helped me achieve all that I have today!


Class of 2011
Toppers was the biggest part of my school life. They gave me the guidance, knowledge, mentorship & confidence to write all the exams in school and set me up for success later in life. Pradeep sir is basically family now and this is evident from the fact that I am sitting here and writing this review, 11 years after finishing school. I will never doubt Toppers' capability to help their students reach their true potential. It truly is a fostering environment & Pradeep sir would put in extra efforts to ensure students are on track.

Anuvi Batra

Class of 2021
Topper has helped me become so confident in my studies. It has helped me branch out and make so many more friends across various schools. They have made me very confident. Special thanks the Physics, Chemistry and Maths Teachers for helping me realise that exams are not scary and just a life experience. I miss it so much. 😍.

Vaishnavi Hari

Class of 2021
I am extremely grateful to Toppers because I didn't think I would have ever understood anything in 12th if not for Toppers. All the teachers always helped me understand each and every concepts so clearly and they have always been very patient with me. Although I have only studied in Toppers for one year, I have had so many amazing memories here. I really miss Toppers and I want to say a huge thanks to all the teachers for making this experience so nice and amazing for me.