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Niranjana S Pillai

All the teachers in Toppers are understanding and helpful. Moreover they are the best friends of the students. It helped me upgrade the marks and hence more confidence in academics

Karnika Mahendiran

Honestly, if it weren’t for Toppers, i would not have been this consistent and organized. Toppers made me a more holistic person by making me determined and hardworking. I thank toppers with all my heart for all the help.


Toppers education centre has tremendously helped me to overcome all the difficulties that I have encountered in my subjects. A way to be a topper is definetly with TOPPERS !!

Anuhya Yelisetti

The teachers here are dedicated and help us with our studies every step of the way. They take the extra mile to ensure that we understand all the concepts.


Toppers has not only helped me understand my lessons better, but it has also provided me with a study environment during exam time. Without toppers my concepts would not have become clear.


Toppers is the best place to study. It is like a home away from home. The entire atmosphere is completely professional and is the best place for a 12th grader could ask for.